Ambitious Vision. Amazing Results.

Over 10 years ago, Bryan Haynes had a vision. He wanted to create a space for Birmingham’s top artists to turn their tattoo and piercing talents into successful careers. He also knew he didn’t want his shop to have the air of intimidation that many old-school tattoo shops are known for. And that’s how Classic 13 Tattoo was born — as a safe and welcoming place to unleash your creativity.

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Bryan Haynes in front of a wall of tattoo art
Close up of tattoo artists gloved hands.

Safety First.

On to the boring (but important) part. Cleanliness and sterilization are always our top priorities. All needles are single-use and disposed of properly. For piercings, we only use the highest quality jewelry and have strict sterilization steps to make sure that your new metal can heal safely. When it comes to tattoos, we make sure that we use all the necessary supplies to keep your tattoo safe and clean — from single-use ink caps to sterilization procedures for all equipment.

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